Theo Tulley wrote:
Stéphane Charette wrote:
gramps-3.0.4-1_Ubuntu804.deb but I have failed to install either - these
later versions are not in the Mint repository so I open with Archive
Manager but don't see what to do next.
Archive Manager is not the right tool to install .deb files.

I'm assuming the downloaded .deb file is somewhere on your desktop?
If you right-mouse-click on the .deb file, what options are you given?

For example, on my Ubuntu desktop, right-mouse-clicking on the .deb
gives me the option "Open With GDebi Package Installer".

Thanks  - it was in my own Downloads folder in a special partition but 
the same option was offered and it was duly installed, as now shown in 

Now I have added 2 new children (twins) to one of my grandsons - I added 
an event - birth - to each. After editing both to get them the same, and 
sharing, I had 3 events with identical details (including ID) in one, 
two in the other. How did that happen? I have removed the superfluous 

"Place" is Sundsvall, Sweden and "Description" is Twin birth, Neonatal 
Unit. Is that appropriate?

With many thanks, 
  Yours sincerely, -
    Theo Tulley.

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The way I shared the birth events for twins in my family is
- Created an entry for the first twin
- enter the details for the birth event (on some I had information such as which twin was born first etc) so I added this in a note on the birth event.
- open the clipboard, and drag and drop the birth event to the clipboard.
- create an entry for the second twin, and drag and drop the birth event from the clipboard to the events tab of the second twin.

Hope this helps.