The only thing I have found for this is under Reports->Graphs->Relationship Graph...

However, when I convert the DOT file to a JPG using "dot -Tjpg -orel_graph.jpg rel_graph.dot" the boxes are way too small and the text extends beyond them. Settings used :
A2 Landscape, include BMD, limit to years only
use entire database
color fill, descendent<-ancescendent, inc non-birth with dotted lines, show family nodes
font=default, 10pt, left to right, nos horiz & vert pages=1
fill given area, dpi=75, node & rank space=0.3

I have tried using a smaller subset, the box sizes are better, but still the text overlaps. Is there a way to ensure the boxes are always the same size as the text? Or is this a Graphviz issue?

GRAMPS 3.0.0-1
Ubuntu 7.10

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I've been reading through the GRAMPS wiki for several hours now, and I can't figure out how to do what I want to do, which is to create a full-sized family tree, poster-sized, suitable for hanging on the wall for quick reference. I don't want to start with an Active Person, just create a comprehensive wall chart to show all ancestors and all descendants. The closest thing I've found is a reference to "Ancestor Wall Chart" in graphical reports , but it appears to be deprecated:


Is there a way to do what I want to do from GRAMPS 3.0?  If not, can someone recommend a Linux option to do what I want to do? I've found a few Windows and Mac solutions, but since I only have Linux, these won't work for me. I've also tried running MyFamilyTree under WINE (it failed to install), and Legacy under WINE (did not do what I wanted). I've Googled my fingers to the bone and had no luck.

Can someone help me out please?

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