If you have libintl (maybe libiconv or libz) installed in system folder (windows\system32) then they will be used instead of ones in AIO\bin folder. If they are not compatible then glade translations will not work but translations from source python will and you have mix


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From: Olaf <wayseeker@gmx.de>
To: gramps-users@lists.sourceforge.net
Subject: [Gramps-users] GrampsAIO32 3.4.7 - translationmix under Windows7


with GrampsAIO32 3.4.7 or older versions I have problems with the proper
display or translation under "Windows 7". But under "Windows XP" it is
running correctly.

For example, under "persons view - people - person"

instead of "Bevorzugter Name" displayed "Preferred Name"
instead of "Nachname" displayed "Surname"
instead of "Geschlecht" displayed "gender"

All the tabs (events, names, ...) are correct in German. It is a mix, some
is translated, some not.
Does anybody advice how I can fix it?


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