What about to overwrite a gramps installation?
eg, to install gramps34, then gramps40, then gramps41, then gramps42 on the same location? Current environment will point out target versions, not certain with a global constant for all plugins.

Does every new installation takes care of plugins (and/or gpr.py files) already installed?


Le mer. 18 juin 2014 at 16:16, John Ralls <jralls@ceridwen.us> a écrit :
No, it's not really a change in design, since we're talking about the plugins in gramps/plugins here. These are maintained with the rest of gramps and are included in each release. What's more, the version change that we're talking about is to keep them working in the master branch. Needing to bump the version in gramps/plugins/*.gpr.py as well as in gramps.version is pointless. Regards, John Ralls