I did not find any answer for the cause of the PCX detection around some on my DB tables. Family Trees still work fine, and 'detected tables' are not the same according to the Family Tree!

Oracle communication is so ... that I am certain to find nothing around this.

I only see a post about an other Oracle product and this file format.

Looking at related products* and OS, some advices like "Consider enabling Data Execution Prevention (DEP) in supported versions of Windows", and basis of this technology http://blogs.technet.com/b/srd/archive/2009/06/05/understanding-dep-as-a-mitigation-technology-part-1.aspx we can easily imagine that a table corruption is possible!

The cause is still a mistake, why detected as PCX file?
Does someone else see some grampsdb/xxxx/___.db tables as pictures (mime/magic detection)?

* maybe these products are monitoring .VSD, .WSD, .JP2, .DOC, .SXD, .LWP, .PCX, .SXI, .DPT, .PDF, .SAM, .ODG, .CDR...

Le sam. 5 avril 2014 at 17:13, Jerome <romjerome@yahoo.fr> a écrit :
Devs, I noted that some of my DB tables are listed as PCX file format[1]! I looked at magic number on header and these strange tables had: 0A 00 00 00 ... OK, this could explain why my desktop think on this picture file format. I am OK with that. ;) Now, I wonder if this cannot be the cause of some DB corruption! What happen if an OS wants to generate a thumbnail or a real-time anti-virus scanner looks at these 'fake' PCX pictures? [snip]

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