Hi gramps team.

This is my first mail on this mailing list. I have been using gramps for a month now and I am overall pleased with comfort and stability. There are a few things in the workflow that could be improved to save time (such as adding images to multiple people and places, linking multiple images at once etc.), but overall everything works well.

Bug 1
I have, however, run into a strange bug. Strange because it was (not "is") absolutely reproducible but only under certain circumstances which do not allow me to see any reason for the bug to appear.

I added many people, families and locations and attached multiple images (sometimes a few, sometimes more than 30).
There is one location which currently has "only" 7 images attached. Whenever I tried to attach an eighth image then Gramps did freeze. The processor run at 100% (well, one core to be precise) and I could only kill the application.
Afterwards I found that the image had been added to te media repository, but trying to link it to this particular place froze Gramps again.

But it got more awkward: It did not matter what image this was.
I removed another image from the location and then was able to add the previous image to the location without problems, but trying to re-add the image I just removed froze gramps.

Moreover, if I just had the 7 images and i choose the last image and dragged it to the front (re-sorting the images) then gramps did freeze as well.

This happened only with this single location. Gramps told me there are no database problems. I could not find any log to tell me what the source of the problem was.

I had given up on this location and added more other data, people and other places, attaching images to them without problems.
Today I tried the above again and - believe it or not - now it accepts the very same images without freezing.

What should I think of this???

Bug 2
This one is rather annoying bug:
When you have added many images to an item (person, location, whatever) so that the images are shown in multiple lines and vertical scroll bars appear then dragging will immediately scroll the pane to the top. This makes it almost impossible to drag an image from, lets say, the fist line between images on the last line (which might require to scroll down on the pane).

In other words: Dragging images from back to front works well, dragging images from front to back is a mess when you have lots of images.

For reference:
I use grampsAIO32-3.4.1-1.exe (what does AIO mean anyway?) on a 32 bit WinXP SP 3 notebook. If you need further info let me know.

Matthias Basler