Hi Doug,

As I have stated in my original e-mail:
"...And a last one, not meant to be available for download to avoid law issues, for all of us to enjoy ;)"
I believe it is clear that it was meant as just a little joke among us, the team. Please don't get me wrong.

And rest assured that I am not using copyrighted material.



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To: Zissis Papadopoulos

Subject: Re: [Gramps-devel] >>> Website Artwork etc. <<<

Zissis, Nice art work, and thank you for the contributions! But... 

> 2. Who is that lady? 
> She is Laura Harring, an actress. Beautiful isn't she? :) 

Please, let's not use art like this. We want to be professional, 
non-sexist, and appeal to all people. This says to me: "Creepy old men 
doing genealogy wanting to look at beautiful young women." 

Besides, unless you have paid for her image, this is just copyright 
infringement, yes? 

You own all of the rest of the art, yes? Didn't "borrow" parts from 
non-open, non-free sources?