> Peter, as you wrote one of the mapservices, can you reproduce this

> output on your box? If so, perhaps you can look at the reason for it?

If none of the mapservices is loaded, the button says "Loading..."

If you press it, with or witghout a place marked, the following happens:

18098: ERROR: gramps.py: line 160: Unhandled exception

Traceback (most recent call last):

File "/usr/local/share/gramps/DataViews/PlaceView.py", line 242, in gotomap

self.mapservicedata[self.mapservice][0](self.dbstate.db, places)

KeyError: 'GoogleMaps'

Maybe a test if no mapservice is available, issue a warning. I have looked in the code,

and suggest by putting in the beginning of "gotomap" function:

#but first test if any map service is available

if not len(self.mapservicedata):

msg = _("No map service is available.")

msg2 = _("Check your installation.")

ErrorDialog(msg, msg2)



When mapservices are loaded the button shows in the upper part of the button the name of the service, (you used last time I think)

and below it "Loading..."

So, maybe the button text is not reset/cleared when a mapservice is selected.

This is a little beyond by GUI-competence for the moment.