Den Wednesday 26 November 2008 00.52.35 skrev guylinton:

> Martin Steer-2 wrote:

> > Open a family editor in Families view. The Father button is selected by

> > default. Enter opens a selection dialogue for father, Alt-O closes the

> > editor, Alt-C selects Cancel or Children (needs Cancel+Enter to close

> > the editor).

> >

> > Martin


> Isn't it a (minor) bug that the family editor has two buttons with 'C'

> underlined so that Alt-C can only select the buttons (alternately) rather

> than action the button?


> Tim

This is so for the English version of GRAMPS. For other locales the translator can choose short-cut keys so that they don't conflict. This is a little bit time consuming, as it's not always obvious that the keys, you are translating, might conflict. It's cut and try by testing the different editors etc.