Den Sunday 09 November 2008 03.29.06 skrev Brian Matherly:

> Peter,


> > When I checked the "Birth Event filtering" in

> > gramp-users list I noticed that the the sort

> > order was strange for sort items with Swedish letters

> > "". Has this been seen in

> > other "strange" languages? It works OK in Linux.


> If the code is using the standard "sort()" function by itself, then not all

> strings will be sorted properly under Windows. The way to solve the problem

> is to use the "locale.strcoll()" function for locale specific comparisons.

> There are various ways to get "sort()" to use "locale.strcoll()". I'm not

> sure what the best way is, but there is an example in the narrative web

> report:


> slist.sort(lambda x, y: locale.strcoll(x[0], y[0]))


> I think it might just work to do:


> list.sort(locale.strcoll)


> But you will have to test it to be sure.


> ~Brian


I will try to do some test in my Window box.