Thanks for your report.

>I'm afraid I don't know enough about computers to know whether this
>problem is due to running gramps on windows, or due to it being an
>unstable release.

This appears to be due to a sheer lack of testing on Windows (that's why we're glad you sent us an e-mail!).

In Unix, you can write to a file while it is open by another program. In Windows you can not. I'm guessing what happened is that you created a report and opened it in OpenOffice. Then, while it was still open, you tried to run that same report again (perhaps for a different person, but keeping the report name the same). If you do this in Windows, Gramps will not be able to write to the file because it is in use. In the very latest version of Gramps (2 dqays ago), I started detecting this situation and showing a message box (instead of an crash). Let me know if this is not your situation.

As far as I can tell, the best we can do is to pop up a message box.

>Gramps wouldn't let me send you the error report itself.


Believe it or not, this is a bug in the bug reporting code. This bug only exists in Windows because, of course, it hasn't been tested. I'll look into it.

Thanks again! Keep finding those bugs.