I have been trying out Ubuntu on my Toshiba Satellite A 100 laptop.  I have successfully installed GRAMPS and have imported a GEDCOM from my Windows machine.  The GEDCOM was produced by Family Historian v. 3.1.1. and FH reckons to produce GEDCOMs to the V 5.5 standard.

However, when I open it in GRAMPS, GRAMPS shows only the first forename for a person, eg:  John James Jeremy Smith is truncated to John Smith.  All other notes and details seem to be there OK.

Is this to be expected, or is there some setting that I have not yet found which will sort this out ?

I apologise if this has been discussed before.  I tried to access Gramps-users Archives, to determine this very point, but got an error message - "Error - No Forum chosen".

Ian Sheppard.