>Proud to say that the Brazilian Portuguese translation for the 2.2.8 is complete!
>All strings translated and reviewed / improved! Enjoy!
>Next step, translate the 3.0! For that I need some info:
>- Someone told me I could use the .po file from 2.2 for the 3.0 because most of the
>string should remain the same. How can I do that (merge the pt_BR.po file I have
>with the file from 3.0 svn?

I have no idea. Any translators have any advice?

>- Will be a lot of changes in the strings from now on in the 3.0 ?
>I mean, I prefer to wait a bit (to stabilize) if there would be a lot
>of change in the already commited strings...

Probably. It is a little premature to be translating for 3.0. I know some translators like to keep their translations current even though the strings are a moving target. So it is up to you.

>Another question:
>Is there somewhere in the wiki we can see our names (my momma would be so proud :-P)?

I don't know of any such page. But there is nothing stopping your from starting one :)