I want lines but like you mentioned (  ) that will take a bit more knowledge on my part.

Have uploaded the file HtreePedigreeView.tar.gz for Gramps 3.4.2 ( ) you can now just add the extracted directory to the user plugins directory and "H-Tree Pedigree" will show in the Navigator>Ancestry view. I will do no more changes for gramps34 and look attempting the same for gramps40 and trunk.

Benny I would like to commit the changes I have to gramps-addons if ok with you (The link on to  is gone due to )


---- On Sat, 02 Feb 2013 02:43:33 +1100 Benny Malengier <> wrote ----

Nice Pat.

I do think the lines connecting a person to the parents are needed too. In a table that might be difficult to achieve though, although it does seem there is space to add them.

If you don't use a table, you directly draw on a surface boxes and lines, and you can draw everything then. See eg the fanchart in gramps40/trunk.

I see you work in windows, so I assume you use gramps34. The way of drawing completely changes when going to gramps40 due to the change from GTK 2 to 3. From that point of view, using gramps40 for complicated new views might be better :-)


2013/1/30 Pat Lefebre <>
For anyone thats interested see H-Tree visualization [1]


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