In fact, in theory Gramps 4.0.x should be available as 'beta' HTML5 application! The desktop application into web navigator should mean available under all OS (mobile, desktop, etc ...) whatever device/hardware (I suppose).

Need to contact people who tested that.
I thought on re-contacting them after '4.0.4' release ...

Le Mardi 1 avril 2014 22h15, Mary <> a écrit :
On 01/04/14 16:28, Mary wrote:
I am wondering if you can install a linux system on a tablet that has an
intel processor?  Maybe not all the functions of the tablet would be
avaiable, BUT, do you think we could at least install GRAMPS on it??  I
am only toward the top of low knowledge of Linux, if you are using a
low, medium, high rule. Thanks.
P.S.  If this is not a request you wish to treat here, that's okay.

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