I'm using "other" for newspaper clippings that mention or focus on family but don't have any event types.

I'm also adding yahrzeit as an event. It's the Jewish anniversary date of a person's death. I enter it as the Hebrew date while the actual single date for death is entered in the common Gregorian date. Yahrzeit is one event that I'd like to be able to pull a report like anniversary and birthdays for the up coming year.

For additional events, how about "news"?  A catch all for news stories that don't mention any details that fit other event types?


From: Nick Hall <nick__hall@hotmail.com>

Birth and Death events are used in reports, views and other places in Gramps.  I would suggest creating a Birth and Death event for a stillbirth.  Enter "stillbirth" as the description.

There is already an "Elected" event.  Do we need any other political events?

It does look like we need more custom legal events though.  Perhaps "Trial" and "Inquest"?

I'm not sure if we have enough for a wiki page yet.  What custom events do people use?