Is this where gramps (like all programs) has hidden living or recently deceased people, either by not showing them or showing them as [Living]? I think the default is to hide anyone who died less than 30 years ago, though this can be changed when you create the output I think.


From: Jamms <>
To: "" <>
Sent: Sunday, 30 June 2013, 15:09
Subject: [Gramps-users] Records omitted in Narrated Web Site output

I'm having a problem generating the Web "Narrated Web Site" pages.
Only 66 of the 130 individuals are included in the resulting html pages.
Oddly, my name + my father and my mother's records (record I001-I003)
are among those excluded.  (My brother is included but the html
indicates no parents.)

(I've tried to make sure that none of the records are marked "private",
that the correct # of generations is selected, and that "entire database" is
selected.  Nothing I can think of or find prevents any of the records
from being
included in the results.)

If I generate a separate text report and also a "summary report" for all
all 130 individuals are included.  Creating a .ged file also includes
all 130.  Running a 3rd
party .ged to html utility produces all 130 and correctly links all
It omits all media link and in other respects is not as nice as the
Gramps-produced web
pages would be if I could entice it to generate html pages for everyone
in the database.

I would prefer not to completely delete all the missing records (for one
thing it will
not be all that easy to identify exactly who's missing besides records
1-3.  Also
records 1-3 contain much more data than any of the other records. (They're
people I know the most about.)

I've run the "repair" utilities several times and they report that all
is well and in order.

Are there any settings I have not mentioned above that might be causing
the problem?
... Is there a way to examine (and perhaps change) the .db file(s) ? 
(If not, is there a
way to export as .csv (or similar) file, then manually edit and import
into Gramps?

I'm using Gramps v3.4.2-1 on Windows 8.

Thanks very much.

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