Hmm.  My brother's adoptive father (mom's 3rd husband / brother's otherwise step father) shows up in ancestry view with a dashed line, while bio father (mom's 2nd husband) shows up with solid line. Different family member that was adopted shows up as a descendent of the adoptive parents when the adoptive parents are selected, but when viewing the kid, only the bio parents show up.


From: Brad Rogers <>

On Sun, 14 Oct 2012 22:34:57 +1100
Robert Gibbins <> wrote:

Hello Robert,

> Thank you again for all your help. I hope I was able to follow your

Again, you're welcome.

>instructions correctly. Please correct me if anything doesn't seem

It's certainly not the easiest family structure to deal with, that's for

>sister were adopted. It was also news to me. As a result and having
>already entered what I thought was the correct data on GRAMPS, I had to
>make some changes. However, there was no straight forward instructions
>or method for this age old problem.

Sadly, family 'knowledge' is no substitute for hard facts.  Family
knowledge I always treat as hearsay, until evidence is found to support
the tale.

> Having followed what you told me as best as I could the results were:

It's quite possible I've got some of it wrong, as I don't have a similar
situation in my tree from which I can draw from to assist.

> 1. The adoptive parents don't seem to show up when you use the
> 'Ancestry'

Why should they?  After all, there's no genetic link.

>Latham Dowdle). In this case in the 'Individual View' the two names all
>ran into together eg. Given: * **Peter Anthony John Latham* and
>Surname: *Paynter Dowdle*. Selecting/changing between Type' Also Known
>as or Birth Name seems to make no difference. I wonder if I have done
>something wrong?

I've never had that happen in my data, so don't know what to suggest to
try and eradicate the error.

> 3. I also got two duplicate family errors codes. I eventually removed
> the earlier version of each.

This sounds as though you entered something twice.  Again, difficult to
know without knowing all the steps you took to create the new families.
Still, it seems you've corrected the error.

> Over the years I have been using genealogy programs I have read that
>GEDCOM had some political problems: things the Church of the Later day
>Saints felt they couldn't accept. A modern example, Gay Marriages etc.

Gay marriages are, genetically speaking, a dead end.  Same sex parents
cannot both contribute DNA to the one child.  As such, lineage follows
only one of the parents (if any), in a similar way to illegitimate
children, where no father is listed.

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