Hi all,
Using Gramps 3.4.0-1 on Ubuntu 12.04, Using “Nebraska” style sheet.

Have looked at Bug reports, but did not see anything to cover the following.

Tabs - To top of page are smaller font size and tabs than before.
I did run a full report, giving 13 tabs, these were placed 11 on one row [Taking up about 10 inches of a 15 inch wide screen]
then returned the last 2 on the next row.

Thumbnail tab

Thumbnails are in rows and columns but are spaced far apart in both directions.
About "1 inch space" horizontal between thumbnails and "1.75 inch space" vertical,
but are OK on individual pages.

I know Robby [11.06.2012?] mentioned a problem with thumbnails on “Mainz” style sheet.

Web Links - not working

Open Street map - not working for individual places, "Family Map" OK.

Family map - Google "Drop Markers" mode
All "Family maps" show a map of “Ghana”, OK in marker mode. Works for individual places.

Family map – Page does not fill full screen [about 3/4 width of screen], is to the left side / Top and the rest of the screen is black.

Creative Commons [Copyright] – Now written, not “small button” Font size “bold”, about 3 times the size of other fonts.

Footer / bottom of page Has a brown bar [Light and dark brown] for “User footer”

Below is white [not brown] for “Generated by Gramps 3.4.0-1 on 26 July 2012 - Created for”

Hope this makes sense,