Something has changed in how the Gramps-users mailing list is being sent. Previously, the list was sent as a single text email. Recently, the list has been sent with all topics in the form of attachments of type “.eml”. Only the introductory and closing text are attached as file types “.txt”. There were also two attached files named “signature.asc that contain PGP signatures” The proprietary EML file type is primarily associated with 'Outlook Express' by Microsoft Corporation and QuickMail-Pro. My system is Linux based and I can no longer read the list due to change.

I use the web-based Yahoo mail system o read mail. Gramps-users has always been perfectly readable until very recently.

If the lists are going to continue to be distributed in this manner I will have to cancel my participation as they are virtually unreadable for me.

From: "" <>
Sent: Sunday, July 31, 2011 12:25 AM
Subject: Gramps-users Digest, Vol 62, Issue 22

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Today's Topics:

  1. Re: [Gramps-devel] [SOLVED] Re: can't build
      python-osmgpsmap-0.7.3 into GRAMPS (doug)
  2. Re: Re : Geography view - query about Place the selection in
      a region (Nick Hall)
  3. Re: Re : Geography view - query about Place the selection in
      a region (doug)
  4. Spell checking in 3.2.4-1 (Les)
  5. Vertical ancestor tree (Christian Weiske)
  6. Re: Spell checking in 3.2.4-1 (Espen Berg)
  7. Re: Vertical ancestor tree (Peter Hewett)
  8. Re: Vertical ancestor tree (Christian Weiske)

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