On 03/21/2011 08:42 AM, Benny Malengier wrote:
> Perhaps a question to the users. What would you like best
> 1/ a browsing app on a touch smart phone
> 2/ a cloud application in the web browser with look and feel for
> phone/tablet/desktop
> 3/ an edit app on a touch smart phone
> 4/ an edit app on a tablet

Portability seems to be the future of everything theses days! I too have recently moved to a new cell phone with Android, only because I cant read the small screens very well and the new one is 3.0"!
For some no doubt it is a cost factor issue of having a extra 'toy' with which one can put data on to take around with you.
Smart-phones certainly have an edge, however, the screen size, the power consumption and Comm's cost etc could make them impractical IMHO. Making Notes or in a Spreadsheet for transfer later might help? But as far as using a web browser on them  - a bit too small still.

Tablets are now getting very affordable its just which OS  their running and what limitations they may have in transferring the data later?

*Laptops/ Notebooks are great and now around $400 small 10" is pretty good value - these are the most viable option - I would think?

I would go with a Tablet for screen size and cost factor for me, and If it could scan documents better still! :p

My 2c worth.