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Daily Mail - Sat 31 July – England.

Royal Mall to axe counties

HAIL from Avon? You could soon be telling people you are from BS11.

Royal Mail is removing county names from the official Postcode Address File by 2016.

The file is used by private companies and public bodies who, for a fee, can access addresses for 28 million homes and businesses in the country.

The first to face the axe will be obsolete postal names such as Gwynedd, Sussex, Cleveland and Avon.

This will be followed by all county names because the postal service needs only a house number, street name and postcode.

Ian Beesley, who advises Royal Mail on the databases, said county names had become a ‘vanity attachment’ and were not necessary for business purposes. .

But he added: ‘People do get ’ very worked up about it. It is in our heritage. I want to say I was born in Lancashire, not in M20 ------------------------------------

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