Hi All Grampers

This is not a new topic but due to a Linux Login lockout, a backup of my home folder and a fresh installed setup of Ubuntu 10.04, I am now having to relocate my last gramps edited file to import all my most up to date data and cant find it!

What actually happens when a Gramps File (family gen) is exited from and the gramps closed. Where does the "last" edited file go to by default? Since I was not able to start gramps in the old system to do a proper backup, have i lost all my changes since the last known backup! :(

Under my old 'home location' I have a hidden .gramps folder and in my 'genealogy' folder i have  a backups of 'Gramps XML database' types but these are 12months old! It looks like I made a custom backup location - but that's just for backups!

Help - this looks like the biggest loss so far!