On Fri, 2009-11-27 at 15:12 +0100, artur.kutkiewicz@eranet.pl wrote:
Hi !

I'm working with GRAMPS just few days and I can find it as excellent tool. However, I have found limitation and don't know how to manage this.
Usually, when displaying pedigree we can see the tree from the youngest person (on the left side of the window)  to the oldest (on the right side of the window). So, we can see really very simple tree : son - father - grandfather. but we can't see father siblings and grandfather siblings.

Do you know any method to view the three differently - from oldest to youngest to be able see father and grandfather siblings ?


Use the Descendant Gramplet. While on the Gramplet tab, right click and pick 'Add a gramplet' then pick 'Descendant Gramplet'. It uses the currently selected person as its start point. If you click the top left icon the gramplet will detach enabling you to still see it when in the Relationship view. Be aware that if there are many descendants, having the gramplet operating could slow everything down.