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I am not sure if this is a difficult request or not and perhaps it is already done.  It is hard to explain but I will try.  When viewing a "detailed descendant report" of a large family it can be very difficult to track the ancestors of individuals in the report the way it is currently formatted.  Is there a way to generate a detailed descendant report that also (a)lists the ancestry path of each descendant and (b)include the generation number next to each ancestor?  Here is an example output from a different genealogy package:

Generation 6 (con't)

128. Karen Marie Greer-6 (Geraldine Mae Hall-5, Zilda Anna Broadworth-4, William Thomas Broadworth-3, Isaac Broadworth-2, Isaac Broadworth-1) [10, 7, 20, 1]. She was born on 08 Sep 1954 [10, 7, 1]. Reference ID was 2664.

Larry Broughman [10, 7, 20, 1]. Reference ID was 2665.

I don't think this is possible with Gramps at present. I suggest you log a feature request on

For those who do not understand the printout, I think the [10,7,20,1] is the sources reference and is not the subject of the query.  What is, is the printing of the ancestry of the person, in this case Karen Marie Greer (generation 6). After her name is listed part of her ancestry in brackets e.g. Geraldine Mae Hall generation 5, Zilda Anna Broadworth generation 4 etc.