Many of the family members and individuals recorded in my GRAMPS databases have migrated from place to place - many travelling by ship, across the Atlantic.

I want to record these voyages, connecting the people based on boat and, on sailing.

My simplest idea is to record the ship as a PLACE, in GRAMPS, and then record the sailing as an EVENT, VOYAGE, or BOAT. - this allows me to record an event called BOAT which connectss each passenger with the boat he/she sailed on.

But, how do I refine this so I can create a more detailled connection between individual and voyage?
What I would like to do is define a voyage or crossing in terms of date (departure, arrival, and in some cases, sinking), port of departure and destination.

Based on my simple idea for recording the vessel as a PLACE, and the voyage as an EVENT labelled BOAT, I can't come up with a granular solution in GRAMPS to do this. Any ideas?