There is probably a simple answer to this question but I cannot see what it is. I created filters that I expected would give me a particular branch of my family and their descendants.

Filter 1 was 'Ancestors of <person>'. That worked well.

Filter 2 had two rules:
People matching <filter 1>
Descendants of <filter 1> match
At least one rule must apply

Filter 2 excludes anyone who is not a descendant of someone else in the database, i.e it excludes all the 'end of line' people, the last people in any of the ancestor lines. I expected Filter 2 to keep all the people included with Filter 1 and simply add the descendants.

I have tried this in the Example database using Mason Smith as the 'person'. The application of Filter 1 shows Ingeman Smith and his wife Marta Ericsdotter, the furthest back ancestors in the pedigree. Application of Filter 2 only goes back to Martin Smith, Ingeman Smith's son. All wives along the pedigree are also excluded.

Can someone please explain why I loose the end-of-line people with my Filter 2?