I have three grdbs I want to combine into one by importing one to the other.  But when I do, the media paths won't work and I'll have to manually change the media paths for each media thing.  I have over 300 in each of them so it will be an ardorous task.

For instance, one grdb and it's corresponding media is in my directory genealogy/DATABASES/Settle
That directory has my Settle.grdb and 300+ media files

another I want to combine is  in my directory genealogy/DATABASES/McKnight
Same deal.

I want to create a new directory genealogy/DATABASES/Settle-Mcknight and have all my media files and the new grdb in it.

I hate to have media sources in different directories.

With the old .gramps system, the media files were in the database and there were no path problems.

AND when I imported my old .gramps databases into the new .grdb ones, My media files lost their names and were replaced with numbers such as 00005.gif.  For instance my file 1800.Census.Holdeman.gif became 00005.gif.   This makes identification slow for them.   I am manually replacing those numbers with the names they originally had.

Another problem I have is probably due to the way I am inputting source files.  When I add a source, I click on the gallery tab in the source editor.  Then select a media object from my files.   This way I can add notes to the media object through the media editor and those notes will not be visible when I convert it to a gedcom and upload it to a web site. They will be for my own personal use.   If I add my notes to the source editor, those notes show up.  But when I export to a gedcom to send my entire database to someone, the media files are not there.  Just the sources with no reference to media paths.  So if I send all the media files to someone, they won't know which goes with which source.

With 10,000+ names and sources already in 8 databases, major changes will not be possible.

Any suggestions with any of these problems?

Marlaina Barr