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On Fri, 2004-12-31 at 12:10, Don Allingham wrote:
I'm working on completing name handling in the development branch (1.1)
and I have a few questions. Right now, you can choose how to display and
sort names with a little more control than the current stable branch.

The name should usually be sorted based off your locale. However, there
are times you may wish to override this (for example, if you are in the
US, but want to handle Chinese names properly). You can choose to sort
or display a name based off:

1) Last name, First name
2) First name, Last name
3) Locale default

This probably is not sufficient. Currently, a last name, first name name
is displayed as:

  LastNamePrefix LastName, FirstName Patronymic LastNameSuffix

so, Fred John Jones, Jr., would be displayed as:

  Jones, Fred John Jr.

Similarly, a first name, last name display would be show as:

  FirstName Patronymic LastNamePrefix LastName, LastNameSuffix


  Fred John Jones, Jr. 

While this works for many Western languages, it probably isn't
sufficient for other areas of the world, such as the Middle East or
China. If you are aware of the way a culture sorts and displays names
that is different than the above, please send me the proper way to do
so. Please send it in the form above (FirstName LastName, etc.) with any
appropriate punctuation.


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