No release block. ;)
Still planned for Monday 24th march 2014.

Nothing important, only performances differences.

I know that Gramps 4.0.x was always slower under my configuration.
I am using an old PC with compiled environment for running 4.0.x/master and gtk2/pygtk for running 3.4.x.

But more than 2 seconds for an action on a view (with only 1024 entries) sounds like a regression.

If we can make a simple optimization, then great!
Otherwise, I need to find a better way for running Gramps 4.0.x and +.


Le mer. 19 mars 2014 at 21:05, Vassilii Khachaturov <> a écrit :

This seems not only related to migration (gtk2/Gtk3, Introspection)?

Maybe I should also play with profile.

Before, any idea of causes?

Since I only used gtk3-based gramps in a VM, I hoped that the slowdown I perceived visually was due to the VM overhead, but, alas, it looks like I was wrong.
Profile is your friend, but I reckon it's mostly due to the gtk3/gi transition.

I hope this is not a release blocker, this slowdown seems to have been there for ages...