I want to get out a 0.5.1 release by this weekend if possible. The intention of this release is not to add new features, just bug fixes. 0.5.0 has gone pretty well and seems to have been pretty stable. However, several bugs have creeped up, and I'd like to get a point release out of the way before any major changes begin.

If you know of any outstanding bugs, please let me know. If you have any changes to the code, get them in as soon as possible (Friday at the latest). If you are working on translations, please have them in to me by Saturday.

Note to translators: There should be few changes with this release. I have checked in the latest (and hopefully final) template.po file.

Don Allingham

GPG/PGP Public Key at http://members.home.net/donaldallingham/dallingham.key