Thanks to all who have replied.

I was not able to find any program that suites my needs for free.

The closest I came was GedReporter but the family tree report was rather messy:


The report I am looking for would be similar to the ones showed in these two links.

Does anyone know of a free tool for this?



(this software has a free version but it seems the siblings report is not included)






How much work would it be to add a 'with siblings' option to the current FamilyTree add-in?

I am asking as a non-python programmer…














From: Rich Gomes []
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Subject: Family Tree chart with siblings report?


Does anyone know of a way to generate a Family Tree chart with siblings without having to purchase a separate program?

Right now I use the FamilyTree report add-in to print out a tree by Grandparent and hand-write in siblings to see what additional family info I need to search for.