An Gramadir version 0.5 released

An Gramadir is a grammar checking engine designed as a platform for
natural language processing of minority languages and other languages
with limited computational resources. Version 0.5 features a rewrite
of the core engine in Perl, the addition of full Unicode support, and
support for fully recursive morphological analysis.

A complete implementation is available for the Irish language (as the
Perl module Lingua::GA::Gramadoir), and ports to several other languages
are currently underway.

Various components of the engine can be bootstrapped using statistical
methods based on text corpora. We hope to support the development of
ports to new languages using statistics gathered via web-crawling
techniques. Substantial progress has been made for over 150 languages;
for more information see

Interfaces are also provided that allow the grammar checker to be called
from emacs, vim, or OpenOffice.

Download the developers' pack:

Irish language pack:

Posted by Kevin Scannell 2004-08-25

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