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GRad v1.2.0 (stable) released

A new maintenance release of the solar radiation model "GRad" is out. For the user of the graphical user interface not much has changed, except that the user interface will now remember all settings between startups. However behind the scenes the API has been "cleaned": The package structure has been simlyfied, the code takes advantage of the new 2.0 version of the MaBaUtils library (resulting in much less code for the UI) and in general has been updated to use more "standard solutions" and improve code readability. There are no scientifically relevant changes.

Posted by Matthias Basler 2006-01-19

GRad v1.1.1 (stable) released

Only shortly after version 1.1.0 the first maintenance release of the Java solar radiation model "GRad" is out.
The changes are purely technical: Some improvements in the graphical user interface (GUI) make GRad easier to use: GRad now remembers last used file names and Linke turbidity parameters, and the progress monitor comes up correctly. Warnings and error messages have been localized where possible.

Posted by Matthias Basler 2005-01-31

GRad v1.1.0 documentation available

Only shortly after the release of GRad v1.1.0 the manual has been completed and is now released under the GRad package as well. It contains information about how to "install", use and develop GRad as well as technical and scientific background information.
Feedback on any errors found - no matter if spelling, grammar or regarding its content - is appreciated.

Posted by Matthias Basler 2005-01-27

GRad v1.1.0 (stable) released

I'm proud to announce that the first public version (1.1.0) of the scientific solar radiation model GRad has been released. It is OS-independent since written in Java. A graphical Swing-based user interface is included for the most common functions.
GRad is considered stable and has been successfully tested in the area of Jena, Germany.
Currently GRad only contains a readme file as documentation. A manual including detailed GUI usage, use by programmers, extensibility, and scientific background is currently under development and will be released shortly.

Posted by Matthias Basler 2005-01-27