It's Alive! Really!

The graceplot package is now under active maintenance again. The earlier developer and maintainer, John Kitchin, has moved on to other projects. It has now been taken over by Marcus Mendenhall. I have updated the CVS with a new version, which is about 90% compatible with the old release. However, it has been significantly updated and extended. The Data class has changed a bit... there are now separate subclasses for each type of graph.

One consequence of this is that new releases will require python 2.4, at a minimum, since they use the subprocess package. There is no longer a, since it is not needed.

My goal is to wrap a bunch of new capabilities I have developed for my own use into upcoming releases. One particular extension will be code to allow rapid updating of channels for real-time histogramming displays (for example) in which only a small fraction of the points change in any particular time interval.

More to come!


Posted by Marcus Mendenhall 2009-04-02

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