Trouble with CVS all-in-one script

  • Aidan Sonoda

    Aidan Sonoda - 2010-11-22

    Not sure I'm posting this in the correct location, please forgive.  I wasn't able to get the 1.15 messages or the 1.9 files scripts to work due to various errors.  So I had a go with the new all-in-one script from the CVS ( version 1.11

    anyway, script seems to run just fine, but it finishes up after a "No Such File or Directory" without getting any files after the one that throws the error.  This leaves me with a folder with the group name, which contains the cookies file, log file, and a folder called 'Files' that contains all the files up to the one that comes up "No Such…".  That's it, no messages, no photos.  I invoked the script with the following command: -group=staradopt -all

    I've a copy of the output to the command window as well as the logfile, but the file names contain people's names so I can't post them publicly but would be happy to PM or email them.

  • Aidan Sonoda

    Aidan Sonoda - 2010-11-22

    The "No Such File or Directory" error seems to be due to trailing spaces in the folder names - there seem to be a few of those in this particular group.  With that fixes I now get a folder called 'Messages' but all in contains is an empty attachment folder.  Trying the script on another group it hangs on an attachment after saying "redirected to…" a lengthy URL.

  • Mithun Bhattacharya

    The new version doesn't do messages for now. Attachments and Files should definitely work.

    I have applied to join the group - if you are the group owner can you please approve. I will let you know how it goes once I am approved.

  • Aidan Sonoda

    Aidan Sonoda - 2010-11-23

    excellent, once the trailing spaces in the folder names were removed I was able to get files to work.  That particular group has no attachments.  I've sent an invite to another group I was attempting to archive - the one that was hangin on the attachments.

    I didn't realize the new script didn't do messages, that explains that.  The old script 1.15 gives out after login with "couldn't get message count"

  • Mithun Bhattacharya

    Haha Pam threw me out of staradopt - I hope she doesn't have any hard feelings about it :).

    As for Perfectlypreciousvolunteers I don't seem to have access to the files area - the only thing I see is the attachments area. Files and photos.

    Is it possible to email me the log file after running the download with -verbose option - maybe that will throw some light ?

  • Aidan Sonoda

    Aidan Sonoda - 2010-11-24

    email sent to the address associated with your yahoo group id. ;-)

  • Mithun Bhattacharya

    I am closing this thread as all the concerns have been addressed by now.


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