CPT - 2005-02-02

I have found GQview to be a great tool. I use it mostly for managing pictures from my digital camera. One thing on found myself needing was a way to resize several pics to scale them down to put on our family web site. Searching the forums didn't help but I came up a way to within GQview's custom commands option.

Under Edit/Options/Editors I created a menu item named "shrink" and used the following command:
%vconvert -size 640x640 %p -resize 640x640 %p.shrunk;mkdir small;mv *.shrunk small;rename jpg.shrunk jpg small/*.shrunk

The above will copy and resize the selected images to max of 640 pixels in a directory called small. It does require that ImageMagic be installed.

This is probably not a very elegent solution but I hope it might inspire someone else to improve on it and possibly help in getting a similar feature in the main program.