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GQ LDAP client / News: Recent posts

Development switched to git

The source code repository has been converted to git. A dump of the last state of the subversion repository is available for reference in the files section.

Posted by Jakob Haufe 2010-05-27

GQ 1.2.1

GQ 1.2.1

Build Improvements
* fixed a bash expression

Posted by Sven Herzberg 2006-10-08

GQ 1.2.0

The GQ project finally released version 1.2.0 of the popular LDAP client. There have been several nice improvements on the applications since 1.0.x.

Read the Release Notes at

Posted by Sven Herzberg 2006-09-28

GQ 1.1.3

GQ 1.1.3 is the next step towards the stable 1.2.0 release.

User-visible Improvements
* improved working with the server list preferences
Build Improvements
* fixed RPM build with additional locales
* adjusted gnome keyring dependency for gnome_keyring_create_item_sync()
* fixed building with libgcrypt

Posted by Sven Herzberg 2006-09-18

GQ 1.1.2

GQ 1.1.2 is supopsed to be the last release of the unstable 1.1 series. It's supposed to be released as GQ 1.2.0 next week (and then, lots of new features will get in).

New Features for the end user
* Fixed a crasher (bug #1551653)
* set GETTEXT_PACKAGE (bug #1553044)
Improvements to the build system
* complete and pretty-print configuration options (bug #1551748)

Posted by Sven Herzberg 2006-09-14

GQ 1.1.1

GQ 1.1.1 is the unstable result of the latest development. It's supposed to result in a stable release in September. Changes since 1.1.0:

New features for the end user
* support password hashing even without libcrypto (using libgcrypt now)
* fixed the menu item to actually appear in the GNOME menu
* time selection works with negative time zone offsets (bug 1548780)
* GQ doesn't use GCRYPT_LIBS as it should (bug 1551071)
Improvements to internal structures
* removed lots of dead code
* moved more code into the generic tree interface
* removed all custom type implementations, use GObject

Posted by Sven Herzberg 2006-09-03

1.0 on the horizon

Currently gq is in the late stages of the alpha cycle for 1.0. Please download/test the latest release (make sure to back-up your .gq before though).

Posted by Peter Stamfest 2003-10-21

Mailing list

The discussion mailing should be working again. Sorry for any iinconveniences due to the troubles with it.

Posted by Peter Stamfest 2002-07-11


Have a look at the TODO ( ) file in CVS to get some impression of what is planned for gq in the future.

Posted by Peter Stamfest 2002-07-03

Mailing lists

As you might have noticed the mailing list is quite nonexistant right now. We are currently working to get it going again.

Posted by Peter Stamfest 2002-06-27

New Maintainer

Bert Vermeulen, the initiator and long-time maintainer of gq has handed maintainership of gq over to Peter Stamfest. Thanks go to Bert for initiating this important project.

Posted by Peter Stamfest 2002-06-16