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Version 1.26 is released

Fixed a very minor UI bug, and added a couple more coloration functions for you all to play with. Check it out!

Posted by Keldor 2008-07-29

Version 1.25!

Now you can select your own screen resolution from the settings dialog.

Posted by Keldor 2008-07-24

Version 1.24

Added another iteration function.

Posted by Keldor 2008-07-24

Version 1.23 is out!

Now with multimonitor support for DirectX 9. Also, some changes which *hopefully* will make it run on more computers.

Posted by Keldor 2008-07-16

Version 1.22 is released!

Now with more functions, as well as anti-aliasing for the DirectX 9 version (which doesn't always work properly, due to a compiler bug).

Posted by Keldor 2008-07-04

Now supporting Windows XP!!!

Version 1.20 has just been released, which now includes a DirectX 9 build, for those of us running Windows XP.

Posted by Keldor 2008-06-28

Version 1.12 is released!

I've started adding newton's method fractals, though there's only one put in at the moment. I also just discovered that the default download file was the 0.97 version from quite a ways back! It's now updated to the 1.12 version, though you should probably use the "Browse all Files" to find the latest version, since I might forget about it again >.< I had wondered why that version in particular was so popular... e.e

Posted by Keldor 2008-06-09

Feedback Wanted

In hope of improving the screen saver, I'd love to hear back from every one of you who has tried or considered trying the program. What do/don't you like about it? What sorts of problems (if any) have you encountered? What features would you like to see added? Please take the time to help improve gpujuliascreens by posting to the forums, or through the tracker system.

Posted by Keldor 2008-06-06

Version 1.11 is out!

Version 1.11 adds a few new palettes to the selection. Also, the palette Sawtooth has been tweaked to lessen "jittering" when used.

Posted by Keldor 2008-06-04

Version 1.10 is released!

Version 1.10 has been released, which adds multiple palettes for you to mix in!

Posted by Keldor 2008-06-03

Version 1.03

Version 1.03 is here! This version corrects problems when mixing certain coloration methods with certain iteration functions.

Posted by Keldor 2008-05-26

Version 1.01

Fixed tan() and cot() functions. They now produce correct results.

Posted by Keldor 2008-05-26

Version 1.0!

At last, we now have version 1.0! Enjoy!

Posted by Keldor 2008-05-25

Version 0.99 released!

We're drawing very close to the 1.0 release. 0.99 adds in several new iteration functions, as well as a complex number library to make adding functions easier.

Posted by Keldor 2008-05-25

Version 0.97 Released!

Adaptive anti-aliasing has been added! There are also a couple further additions - see release notes for details.

Posted by Keldor 2008-05-08

File Releases Back Online!

Looks like Sourceforge's FTP services are now working again! Version 0.94 is now avainable for download!

Posted by Keldor 2008-05-04

Version 0.94

Version 0.94 is released! Or rather, it would be, except that FTP appears to be down. In any case, you can get the latest version from the SVN in gpujuliascreens/release/ The file is named Julia.scr

Posted by Keldor 2008-05-03

Version 0.93 Released!

Another day, another release. Wait, I released .92 today also...

Anyway, I added multi-monitor support and put in a workaround for the fullscreen bug. There are now 0 known bugs. Please feel free to submit some to the Tracker. XD

Posted by Keldor 2008-05-02

Version 0.92 Released!

Added a couple new iteration functions. Have fun!

Posted by Keldor 2008-05-02

First release (finally)!

The first release of the program is finally uploaded, delayed as a result of nasty issues with CVS.

Posted by Keldor 2008-04-30

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