Two breathtaking ideas / 0.952 released

The first one is from nanobit who fortunately rejoined the project: to use a script engine (e.g the one of Thexa4 released with 0.9256) as basis for distributed stored procedures. Stored procedures are a well-known thing for people working with databases, they are most of the time SQL procedures stored for convenience in what a database system can administer at best: a table with a column for the row number and another for the lines of the script. Using the distributed WAN database firstly introduced by nanobit in 0.943 joined with the stored procedure concept would allow another way of doing distributed computing with one major advance: it is possible for the user to distribute new code in almost real time.

The second one is to have sensors which broadcast collected data via GPU to the nodes. A special frontend collects data and filters it by sensor types (e.g earthquake sensors, temperature, insulation) and by streamers (the nodes which have a sensor attached and which broadcast its data). There is a prototype on CVS and we have two earthquake sensors, one in Holland and one in Switzerland. It will take a fairly amount of time and development effort until GPU people will be able to look at both signals and to compare them and average them. The averaging effect should in principle remove noise from the signal (like bus, or neighbour walking around).

0.9253 introduces an important bugfix in the milestoning mechanism of Eternity II plugin. Duncan White kindly reported it, and helped to test it. And we still are working on the duplicate packets issue which plagues the GPU network since 2004. Maybe this time we will find a solution, at least we identified once for all in source code where the problem is. Last but not least, this news is written with the 100$ laptop, a dream who is becoming true,see

0.953 will be release at mid March. Keep an eye on the ChangeLog on CVS for the latest details.

0.952 released

0.952 is released on It contains important fixes to the connection layer done by Alex Fihman. This should be the most stable GPU ever.

Additionally, the command:

'add', whichplugin

will tell that basic.dll is the plugin that implements the function add. This will help users in deciding which plugins to unload, if some kind of jobs creates problems.

Posted by dangermouse 2008-03-05

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