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GpsMid: Release 0.4.51

java Midlet to use OpenStreetMap Data on a J2ME ready Mobile. Display a moving map using a BT SIRF GPS binary, NMEA or jsr179 decoder, show the street name on witch you are. Navigation exists in a first experimantal version.

New version with log of new features and bugfixes.
see change log for details

Posted by james 2008-12-17

Release 0.4.0

- map content and look (ways, areas, pois) is configurable on midlet creation
- Search for nearest POIs
- Improved Search for name dialog
- Improved Routing
- Routing is now possible in large midlets
- Large next routing arrow and routing instruction text
- Import only waypoints with maximum distance to target
- Options to keep backlight on for various phones
- Recording Rules
- NMEA logging to file
- Debug logging to file
- Use Map Source from file system
- Use layer tag (from -2..+2) for drawing order of ways and areas
- Increase detail of map when zooming out during runtime
- Map features Dialog (i.e. show type, lat/lon, Full Screen Mode, toggle map elements)
- Area labels in Map
- Experimental way labels in Map
- Repeating keys for panning
- New Map Key shortcuts (for short and long pressed keys)
- Wiki:
- many more new features and bugfixes

Posted by james 2008-07-26

Release 0.3.50

After a long time and now with a bigger team. There is a new release with a lot of improvements

Posted by james 2008-03-30

Release 0.3.01 with routing and for 0.5 OSM files

decouple GPS and map-center with arrow keys. Put back to auto-center with key 5. Now the OSM file can also a bz2 file which is umcompressed on the fly. Update to OSM API 0.5. Routing engine wich shows the fastest/shortest way between crossings. Some Bugfixes

Posted by james 2007-10-23

First Routing / Navigation feature demo

see here for the first demo of experimental routing engine

Posted by james 2007-09-07

Release 0.2.31

create property to rename midlet (to install different instances on one device)

Posted by james 2007-08-04

Release 0.2.30

fixes a indxOutOfBoundExecption
add near-by function for searching.

Posted by james 2007-07-19

Release 0.2.29

New search feature:
You can search for a name (POI, street or city) and mark this as target.
Some Bugfixes

Posted by james 2007-06-19

Release 0.2.28

now support some different devices

Posted by james 2007-06-03

Release 0.2.26

- Now the setup and storage of GPS-devices should work
- location provider as new input source
- experimental input source NMEA (uses more cpu power then SIRF)
- new Rederer with streets more then 1 pix width. (use setup - renderer to choose)

Posted by james 2007-06-02

New Version 0.2.25

using the newes map; Store the last used BT-device; improve discovery code

Posted by james 2007-05-01

Release 0.2.24

added some area types like forrest, recreation etc.
make it more memory efficient.
New tool for creation of own map segments.

Posted by james 2007-04-24

First Demo

First Demo released. Apart from routing, it shows the functionality. For now the region around Nürnberg is included as map-data (thanks to

Posted by james 2007-04-11

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