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  • Libor Striz

    Libor Striz - 2011-04-20

    Do OSM.PBF  files provide information about the altitude ?  For bicycle travelling the 3rd dimension is much more important than for motorcars or pedestrians.

    It happened to me GPSMid offered in city navigation a path I would choose as pedestrian, but never as a biker. It lead me across an avoidable big hill.  Interesting was none of 5 bicycle routing options by ( based on OSM ) offered that rudiculous way across the hill.  Even the shortest way has chosen another, much faster one.

    ( as reference, GPSMid map was based on Czech_republic.osm.pbf , city map of Brno,
    route compared was from Technicka to Kridlovicka street - exact points as below.
    GPSMid was routing me across the "Zluty Kopec" hill.

    start point is   Pos@: 16.577932 49.225774
    end point is   Pos@: 16.594927 49.188652
    All its routes including shortest one went estern of the hill.


    P.S.: BTW, is possible routing algoritms of ORS are available ? ( Shortest, Safest, MTB, Racer, PreferredCycloWays/-routes  )

  • Libor Striz

    Libor Striz - 2011-04-20

    Note that for some reasons OSR has some problems this morning….

  • sk750

    sk750 - 2011-04-20

    I could not find the hill quickly so I could not check the way type that the path is.Maybe ors never routes on this way type by bicycle? Afaik osm.pbf does not contain altitude data.


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