Nokia e90

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    runs fine. qertz - layout would be fine ;-)

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I can confirm this. E90 runs fine. The time to get a satellite fix could be better. Is there some kind of A-GPS service ( available via wlan despite the proprietary services from Nokia ? I'd like to get rid of services that need umts/gprs.

  • human bricks

    human bricks - 2011-02-19

    May be it is a problem of E90 but it may be a general one.
    With very small regions as 1 town it works all right.
    But with bigger data, resulting in 33 MB .jar size there comes up a big problem.
    Every time the phone 'sees' a satellite GPSMIT freezes.
    Sometimes, when I go back into a house, GPSMIT comes back.
    This problem is with OSM2GPSMID0.6 and 0.7.11. I did not try others.
    In Debug mode the file during freezes is:
    D Drawing Map screen
    1297961683540 D received Location: 262145
    1297961683690 D Satelit 7 is part of fix
    1297961683703 D Satelit 8 is part of fix
    1297961683715 …
    and so forth…
    After some tries to draw the map, only satellite messages coming up.
    Does anyone know a solution except for the use of smaller maps?

  • sk750

    sk750 - 2011-02-19

    Nokia mobiles have issues with too many files in the midlet. Maybe this issue is related. Start Osm2GpsMid without parameter and create a file that contains the necessary properties to have fewer files.
    Or manually add to .properties:
    # == Advanced parameters for configuring number of files in the midlet ===
    #  With less files more memory will be required on the device to run GpsMid
    #  Larger dictionary depth will reduce the number of dictionary files in GpsMid
    maxDictDepth = 17
    #  Larger tile size will reduce the number of tile files in the midlet
    # Maximum route tile size in bytes
    routing.maxTileSize = 15000
    # Maximum tile size in bytes
    maxTileSize = 30000
    # Maximum ways contained in tiles for level 0-3
    maxTileWays0 = 2000
    maxTileWays1 = 5000
    maxTileWays2 = 5000
    maxTileWays3 = 5000

  • human bricks

    human bricks - 2011-02-19

    Thank you very much, SK750.
    Your great help solves all my trouble in my life.
    GPSMID runs with a .jar file of 33 MB on a Nokia E90 !

  • human bricks

    human bricks - 2011-03-14

    Now I'm in big trouble again.
    I've reduced the maps of 3 whole countries of Germany to a jar-file of approx. 88 MB, containing only roads and places (cities, villages…).
    All works fine, without GPS-fixing (JSR, internal). I can 'route' by moving the cursor over the map and I get all of the great features.
    But when the phone fixes satellites, it slows down or freezes. When I push the menu it pops up after 30 s or more. Searches need very long, too.
    I drove with navigation on. The map screen was froze to the start point of navigation witch was restricted to 30 km/h.
    I drove on a trunk road limited to 100 km/h and the phone said to me I was too fast and show the sign of 30 km/h. The sign came and went as I drove faster or slower than 30 km/h plus tolerance. After approx. 5 minutes the map changed and the phone reacts according to the new position and so on.
    On the highway after some minutes the phone showed surprisingly the street scrolling accurate until I left the highway.
    Summarized: GPS is working fast. The over speed warning works according to the actual speed and the compass direction is always actual. But the positioning of the map refreshes not till than after minutes.
    It seems to me, that the GPS requires all the performance of my Nokia E90 and there is nothing left for navigation or drawing the map.
    Without GPS (off or indoors) all of the functions are smooth enough like other navigation systems.
    May be there is a bug making the GPS-part of the software more demanding than the higher sophisticated navigation part?
    I tried many variations of the parameters in ''. The problem of to much tiles results to troubles only at the installation. If the phone has installed the jar, the performance will be almost independent from these parameters.
    Therefore my choice of the last parameters is 60000 for the max. tile size and 9999 for the max. ways. But the navigation by motorcar keeps to be not practicable.

  • human bricks

    human bricks - 2011-04-19

    It's solved!
    For everyone who can build from source it is very easy.
    In the file '' the parameter 'usePolishGui' shall be changed from false (default in GIT) to true:
    With this adopted Osm2GpsMid-0.7.31-map65.jar I made a  90 MB sized jar-file for installation on my Nokia e90.
    It works fine for car-navigation, even with all displaying features enabled.
    Starting of the menu is sometimes slow, but acceptable.


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