Nokia N6120 classic with GPS Receiver WBT-201

  • huirad

    huirad - 2008-07-31

    It works on my Nokia N6120 classic with the WBT-201 as Bluetooth GPS Receiver.
    GpsMid 0.4.0 told me that JSR-179 is not supported.
    So I tried NMEA input and it works fine.
    Great software - Thank you!

  • galou

    galou - 2010-02-14

    Also works good with version 0.6. The only bad point is that the "backlight on" doesn't work and that navigation stops if backlight turns off, making it unfortunately useless unless you regularly press a key to keep the display (and GpsMid?) active.

  • fireball4

    fireball4 - 2010-02-15

    Have you tried also other API's (e.g. Nokia Flash Light). Not the best option - I know - but worth a try. Only to see if any API works anyway.

  • galou

    galou - 2010-02-15

    I tried all APIs (one after another). Both MPID and Nokia Flashlight let the display flash until the screensaver from Nokia comes and blanks everything out.
    The screensaver from Nokia is at first a full-width line with date and time with very low brightness (the line is moving now and then). And then the display switches off. I can change the time this happend (30 sec. max for the first and 90 sec. for the second) but I can't switch them off. My phone software version is V 03.83.

  • fireball4

    fireball4 - 2010-02-15

    Thats unfortunate. In my opinion the phone restrictions set by Nokia get from bad to worse from year to year. At one time phone owners had full control over their devices, but today you are only a user with restricted rights, admin rights are gone. I dont understand a company policy that not even allowed to shut down the screen saver on the own phone. In that case symbian phones are the worst, I know it because I own an E51. With my former 6233 (S40 series) there was no problem, no screen saver at all as long as a app is running. Maybe sk50 can find a work around of this. Besides your phones firmware seemes rather old.  Isn't v7.02 the newest one? Maybe an update would fix that issue. But remember, you do it at your own risk.

  • Jozef Riha

    Jozef Riha - 2011-05-24

    to overcome this limitation trekbuddy is using s60 helper service. that disables screensaver completely. i wonder if gpsmid could make use of this service for users that have it installed on their phones


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