Samsung i7110 Pilot

  • Thomas Vill

    Thomas Vill - 2009-03-31

    Seems to work - Backlight Options with MIDP2.0 - gpsmid hangs if photo taken.

    Thanks for this Software - regards.

  • bernd_b

    bernd_b - 2012-01-27

    Old post - new question:

    I try to install one of these

    prebuilts on my Samsung 7110.

    But some moments after the installation starts  I get "Installation not possible"  (German original "Installation nicht möglich).

    Has anyone a working prebuilt example for this phone which could help me to narrow down my problem?

  • sk750

    sk750 - 2012-01-28

    Probably too big - I've seen Samsung devices accepting no more than 1 Mb midlets with this error message.

  • bernd_b

    bernd_b - 2012-01-28

    I tried to install a jar file with a size of 78MB which failed.

    A jar file with the size of 4.8M of the same source succeeded.

    So far, it seems to go!!!! So I will try to add my cards needed with the options given within the app.

  • sk750

    sk750 - 2012-01-28

    Great. Just saw your Samsung is a Symbian device. Those seem to have rather a limit of the files inside the jar. So you should increase the values for the tile size and dict depth to decrease the number of files in the midlet. That might even help to install 80 Mb midlets. On Symbian device Nokia 5800 it even made it possible to install midlets with more than 200 Mb.

  • bernd_b

    bernd_b - 2012-01-28


    this was a long ride.

    Finally, using the jad-File from Sourceforge for installation (and not the jar directly!) while turning of Online Certification of the Program Manager (you find this under "settings") the security settings of the program (you find this under "system // Program Manger" -hey it's Symbian …) offers me the option always, e.g. for access to user data.

    So a self compiled zip-file with the Map of Hessen/Germany was usable, which means I was not asked for each file accessed if I want to allow this. And there are a lot of files to be accessed …. So first impression: it seems to work on this device. Of course, a will try a navigation.

    From my experience now, I guess there is no chance to create a map of whole Germany on a PC with 2GB of RAM. Or would it help to create a big swap file?

    Is there an alternative way to combine several zip-Map files to one? Or can I use more than one unzipped Map-Folder for navigation?


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