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  • john3voltas

    john3voltas - 2012-07-15

    First of all, many thanks to everybody who has been developing this fine software.
    I'm running the GpsMid-Generic-full-0.7.7-map69 on a Nokia E51 with the latest firmware along with an uncompressed pre-bundled version of my country's map (Portugal) available here.
    But I have a lot of questions and I usually ask questions in IRC channels.
    Does GPSMID have an IRC channel?

  • Jyrki Kuoppala

    Jyrki Kuoppala - 2012-07-15

    Probably there isn't one, I haven't heard of a channel. Nothing to stop you from creating one, but I don't know how many people would be there to answer your questions.

    Nice to hear irc is still alive for stuff like this, haven't used it regularly for >20 years.

  • john3voltas

    john3voltas - 2012-07-16

    I haven't been the most active IRC user in the past 20 years either but I use it very regularly to get 1st hand information, especially on FOSS projects.
    I regret to admit that I don't have much spare time to maintain a channel nor to set up bots and stuff like that.
    Though, as per your suggestion, I have created a channel down at Freenode.
    You can all access the channel by joining with your regular IRC client using the below details.

    port: 6667
    channel name: ##gpsmid

    Or, in case you don't like to install IRC clients, you can use Freenode's qwebirc using this link which will have the connection details already set up for you and you can just edit your nickname if you want.
    Then we'll see how many users will pick up and join the chatting.

  • john3voltas

    john3voltas - 2012-07-16

    I can't edit a forum post, can I?
    Ok, the right connection details are:

    channel name: #gpsmid

    In my previous post I misspelled the channel name using double hash signs.
    Sorry about that.


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