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  • Joachim Schneider

    I'm using the current nightly with external maps on my Nokia C6-01 (Belle). I wanted to change the tiny position marks as was explained in a previous thread and some months ago I succeeded. Somehow I can't reproduce that now.
    I don't know what is meant with the setting "prefer internal icons": internal in what? In the midlet running or in the loaded map? (Btw: In this menu I have difficulties to leave it after changing a setting. Maybe a Belle issue.)
    Anyway I put the custom pngs into both the midlet and the zip. Still I see the old markers. Can anyone explain in detail in what place I have to put them?

  • sk750

    sk750 - 2012-07-14

    Some pointers:
    - "prefer internal icons": internal in GpsMid midlet (probably faster on Symbian), external icons: icons in map zip/directory
    - Please check if correct icons are in midlet you install / zip you select asmap source.
    Icons are in the main directory of th zip / jar

    What issues do you have with leaving the map source screen?


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