Going for 0.8 and Android

  • Jyrki Kuoppala

    Jyrki Kuoppala - 2012-08-10

    There are quite a lot of open bugs in the tracker. However, quite many are fixed and new, useful features introduced since the last release almost a year ago, and thus (barring major unknown bugs) 0.8 probably offers a much improved user experience.

    In my opinion, the Android side is now good enough to be included in the release. There are enough bugs & rough spots that there's no reason for big fanfare or celebration, but including Android is now OK in my book.

    As there's been quite many new features and some biggish changes (e.g. to map format) since the 0.7.8 release candidate, there might surface some bugs which would be good to catch before release. So testing before release is very welcome. I didn't put yet out a release candidate, but you can test the nightlies. I'll try to catch a MapMid-file corrupt error (with a null pointer error on top of that when printing the mapmid file error) and then put a release candidate out.

  • Jyrki Kuoppala

    Jyrki Kuoppala - 2012-08-10

    Addendum: The mapMid error concerns the new outline map format, doesn't appear if a map is built with just the default triangle area format.

  • Jyrki Kuoppala

    Jyrki Kuoppala - 2012-08-11

    Solved the bugs which lead to the issue mentioned. Hopefully I can publish the release candidate soon. Meanwile, fixed also some Android version bugs & made some improvements.

    Nightlies have been updated, so right now you can test the current nightly if you want us to have a good 0.8, no need to wait for the release candidate for 0.8.  BUT, it's good to check if the 0.8 release candidate is available and test that when it is. After the release candidate is out, the nightlies will have new stuff which can be less stable, so please test the 0.8 release candidate after it has come out.

  • Jyrki Kuoppala

    Jyrki Kuoppala - 2012-08-16

    Mapmid error solved days ago and now after almost a week since the last post here, with many bugs fixed and many UI changes done and even new features introduced, in my book we're very near release candidate 0.8.

    On my checklist for program code things only the check for if the jarsigner-selection and output showing code works on Windows. There there are some documentation things in Feature requests marked "Next release".

  • Jyrki Kuoppala

    Jyrki Kuoppala - 2012-08-18

    (actually three listed, two when not counting the signed jar migration documentation request)


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