Billi25 - 2012-10-18

I am looking for the descriotion of some style file options. How to use




I want to create a label in the center of some administrative boundaries, but following code is invalid:

<keyW tag="boundary">
 <Wvalue name="administrative" priority="1">
  <specialisation key="admin_level" value="2" />
  <description desc="Landesgrenze" />
  <image src="invisibibedot.png"/>         
  <namekey tag="name" />
  <namefallback tag="name:en" />
  <isArea area="false" />
  <ignoreOsmAreaTag ignore="true" />
  <scale scale="5" />
  <imageCentered value="true"/>
  <lineColor color="00AA00AA" colorAtNight="00FFEE00" />
  <borderColor color="00AA00AA" colorAtNight="00FFEE00" />
  <lineStyle dashed="true" />
  <wayWidth width="5" />
  <force_to layer="-2" />

So whats wrong?