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Pre-built midlets for German states

  • Markus Bäurle

    Markus Bäurle - 2011-12-31

    Hi Poppei,

    thanks for the hint, I added it to the page.
    We'll probably stop to generate Bavaria and Schleswig-Holstein ourselves, then.

    So long and best wishes for 2012 to everybody!


  • - 2012-07-21


    Oh, I haven't seen that issue. No I didn't download that map. I use a Nokia N8 so that I don't think this map will run on that smartphone.

    On his webpage he wrote that there will be more information soon. Perhaps he knows about these errors (perhaps see the errorlog

  • sk750

    sk750 - 2012-07-22


    I think I've fixed the issue with Southern parts of Germany not being displayed, so if anybody has got e.g. a powerful Android device and can test the map with the next nighty, it would be interesting to read how it performs.

    Would IMHO make sense however if thju would adjust the tile size parameters for the next version to get less files into the midlet (e.g. as in new Osm2GpsMid GUI preset "Even fewer and large file tiles")

    Btw: The error shown in the log is non-related to the fixed issue - it happens in triangulation:
    at java.util.ArrayList$
    at java.util.Collections.min(
    at de.ueller.osmToGpsMid.area.Outline.getLonMin(
    at de.ueller.osmToGpsMid.area.Outline.isClockWise(
    at de.ueller.osmToGpsMid.area.Area.cutOneEar(
    at de.ueller.osmToGpsMid.area.Area.triangulate(
    at de.ueller.osmToGpsMid.Relations.processRelations(
    at de.ueller.osmToGpsMid.Relations.<init>(
    Triangulating outline 4611686018427409580 looped 5000 times



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